10 Reasons to Travel to Guatemala

by Ana Cetina, Jul 5, 2023

Guatemala is a wonderful country, most of the time, overlooked by many people. But there are infinite reasons why you should add this tiny little country to your bucket list! Here, we share with you our top ten reasons to book your next flight to Guatemala:

The extensive Mayan heritage is present in Guatemala, where ancient ruins, archeological sites, and indigenous populations provide a window into the interesting past and culture of this ancient civilization.

Apart from the most popular archaeological sites in the country such as Tikal, Yaxhá and El Mirador, in Guatemala there are thousands of remains of undiscovered Mayan cities. The sensation of passing by places where there is a temple that was used for many years in the past as a ceremonial center is impressive! Especially in the lowlands, where, on the way, you can feel a special energy because of all the history of the region

Guatemala is renowned for its vibrant indigenous culture. The country’s traditions flourish, especially in the Mayan communities that still maintain their ancestral customs, colorful garb with hand-woven patterns that tell a lot of history, the handicrafts they still create using materials from nature and their distinctive Mayan languages, which today, are disappearing and only spoken languages remain.

Guatemala’s breathtaking landscapes are a visual feast! From towering volcanoes, beautiful lakes in the Highlands, rainforests and coastal regions.

Outdoor enthusiasts can partake in a variety of daring activities in Guatemala, including trekking through beautiful jungles, climbing an active volcano, discovering ancient caves, and rafting down exhilarating rapids.

With its diverse ecosystems, Guatemala is a heaven for nature lovers and wildlife enthusiasts. From birdwatching in the cloud forests to exploring protected natural reserves, you’ll encounter an incredible array of flora and fauna.

One of the most important traditions of the country (and famous around the world) is the Holy Week. For a week there are impressive processions representing the Catholic religion. Handmade carpets with intricate sawdust designs, bands of hundreds of musicians playing nostalgic music and thousands of colors adorn the streets of the beautiful colonial city of Antigua Guatemala. A vibrant and energetic festivity!

Guatemalans have a reputation for being friendly and hospitable. It is gratifying and enlightening to interact with locals and immerse yourself in their way of life.

These and other factors make Guatemala an alluring destination for tourists looking for history, scenic beauty, cultural immersion, and life-changing experiences.