Our trip to Guatemala and Belize is already a past. But we will have only positive souvenirs thanks to you, the local people (mainly Guatemaltecos) and especially to your excellent guide Manuel and your
excellent driver Israel. They both are not only very good professionals but also friendly and nice men. They were always ready to comply all our wishes and to answer all our questions about Guatemala. We enjoyed our trip very much and I hope to come to Guatemala once again.

2009.11.27 Renata L
Restaurant in Hotel Las Cumbres, Quetzaltenango

Regarding the services I must say, that all the hotels were very good and the drivers and guides as well. The only “problems” we had were at the hotel Las Cumbres which was situated very closed to a noisy road and where we didn’t get the rooms that we would like to. At the other hand the surroundings of that hotel was marvelous- terrace fields and hills, river canyon… The only two things that I regret is the fact, that we didn’t have more time to stay in your country and that we didn’t meet. Maybe next time… Thank you very much for preparing our unforgettable holiday.

Hasta la vista y feliz navidad.
Renata L.