Volunteerism Guatemala

by Ana Cetina, August 24, 2020

Participating in a volunteer program can be as diverse as Guatemala itself. Volunteering opportunities exist for healthcare projects, housing and construction programs, community in development, and at local school or at an orphanage – it all depends on your preferences.

When you volunteer in Guatemala you have the chance to discover a truly fascinating country. The natural diversity, the culture and its history make Guatemala a perfect country to visit. Horizons are full of volcanos, Mayan archeology is spread throughout the country, and the lush vegetation of the mountain jungles, the coastlines and the highlands are home of an extent diversity of flora and fauna. But not only is the natural beauty of the country enchanting, the culture is equally rich and colorful. A mix of native Mayan people and Spanish colonization gives Guatemala its special character. People are friendly and amongst the happiest people in the world.

Why not volunteering in Guatemala and combining it with tourism!

A special organization we have been endorsing  is Niños de Guatemala (NDG). As a private organization they educate children in San Lorenzo el Cubo and support their families. The school year in Guatemala runs from January to October. At NDG they invite all students for extra classes in November. If you wish to volunteer at the school you would have to plan your Guatemala visit from January 15th to October 1st. NDG offers one day volunteer programs, excellent for tourists with limited time. There are also opportunities available for travelers which have more time.

To assist with financing for the school and to help the families of their students, Niños de Guatemala also runs several tours. These tours are unique since they show a different side of Guatemala of the hard-working communities. You can join a Worry Doll workshop, visit the community of Ciudad Vieja or tour a chicken bus factory and a family-owned coffin carpentry workshop, or take the Antigua walking tour or hike a volcano. Just by taking one of their well organized tours you will be helping the children and communities they life in.

We started writing about volunteering in Guatemala before the world was stopped by Covid-19. Now even more so than before, NDG needs your help! Since it is currently not possible to travel, you could also support and help them from the distance with a small donation: https://ninosdeguatemala.org/

Once you are allowed to travel again and with to see and experience Guatemala, please let us know and we can assist you with booking all the services you will need in our beautiful country, including hotels, tours, volunteer days, and transportation, etc.