Hello Ana,
We want to wholeheartedly thank you for setting up such a wonderful trip for us.
We thoroughly enjoyed all of the hotels and we especially liked the Antigua Hotel. It was perfect for a rest day.  Both hotels in Copan and  in Flores were each lovely in very different ways. Just perfect.
Our driver Eric was wonderful and we were very happy to have the same driver for as long as we could.
Vicki was a careful and pleasant driver. We liked her very much.
Eric Garcia was an excellent guide. He was very helpful and we enjoyed our time with him.  We especially liked that he shared his personal experiences growing up and living close to Tikal. Aguateca was a great suggestion. This was fascinating to see.  Eric made me want to come back probably in the January timeframe when it is a bit cooler. We talked of flying to El Mirador and Vicki told us of a manatee reserve and some other places where we could see wildlife. I would like to know more about the birds, for example.
Thank you for forwarding Eric’s picture. It is such a good memory from our trip.
Thank you again Ana.
Monica and Antoine